Court Marriage in Noida The minimum age for getting married is 21yrs for the groom and 18yrs for the bride.Prior to the date fixed for the marriage, you have to fill in a form in that office, and submit alongwith other necessary requisites of the office [which primarily varies from office to office – but may include, age proof of each of the parties, their photographs etc.] alongwith the necessary fees and charges,

It changes from situation to situation but let me say this we are the best in what we do, any one can hire a lawyer but the reason we have successfully completed over thousand marriages is because we have a army of brilliant lawyers and they can a solution for every problem.
Both parties must apply in person at the same time.

Court marriage in india without waiting period or notice ?
Like i said before there are many ways to get married you just need the right information, A marraige can be done by
Hindu religious way
arya samaj
or any other religious way
and then it can be registered .Please contact us as soon as you can to get complete detials and solutions

Sir, the cost you will pay us will includes that service, if some problem or question arise related to your marriage after completion. you will get free legal advice and help from us. we are the only company who provide this type of service. If any problem may come related to your marriage after we will help you for free. plus before getting marrage we will inform you about every thing, so you will be ready and informed if something like this may arise. As soon as you can ! we are not saying that you get married write now but, its really good if you get your documents completed as soon as possible, once you get your document completed you can get married any time you want.

Court marriage is a process that is both easy and complicated depend on your situation, that’s why we have a army of lawyers and marriage consultants for your every need. Don’t get confused by rumors because a court marriage is a Simple process all you need is professional help from the best. So, the sooner you start your marriage process the better your chances to get a early date in the court, there are different type of documentation required according to situation. so contact us today and get your marriage process stated within 2 hours.

this is India and court marriage is one of the most complicated issues and don’t forget about the money minded people of the legal system of this country, lower category staff dealing with law & its enforcementThere are thousand ways that the marriage registrar can create a issue just to get some money out of you. When you have a Professional lawyesr with you then he know all the laws and can help you with almost every condition. plus its best to have some one knowledgeable with you when your are making the most important decision of you life.

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