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Rajeev Agnihotri N.R.I (England) Marriage Date-6/09/11

Is this true?….Court marriage in india without waiting period?
I have received lots of helpful information from this website. I am new, and I hope I can also offer what little I know.Is there a marriage court in india where non-residents of my country can get married without having to submit the 30-day notice?I am a foreigner about to marry an Indian citizen, with hopes to live in my country after marriage, and my country’s immigration law says that we must conduct the wedding in his country.
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Amit Temurnikar (Mumbai) Marriage Date-31/12/10

I’m looking into both Court Registered marriage and Hindu marriage, hoping to find a easier way.He is Chinese, I am indian. We have our heart set on the Arya Samaj Hindu wedding.We chose ghaziabad ncr because that’s where my embassy is, and there’s a direct flight from my country to Delhi.We’d like to know if MEA will apostille the Arya Samaj marriage certificate if it hasn’t been registered?And if there’s a way to have it attested by the Home Department in Delhi?If you need more information from Marriage Certificate, contcat this site.
thank you for me help this website


Amit Temurnikar (Mumbai) Marriage Date-31/12/10

Arya Samaj is a Hindu religious organisation, you can look them up on this website. They get mentioned in connection with weddings because they are prepared to convert non-Hindus, and marry them according to their ceremony. Their marriages are accepted under Indian law. SPECIALLY CONTACT FOR this website: Love Marriage, Intercaste And Interreligion Marriage, Marriage Certificate From ARYA SAMAJ, Marriage Registration & Court Marriage


Abhishek Jain (U.P) Marriage Date-18/07/09

We would like to thank everyone at court marriage.net for helping us create our dream wedding. It was everything we imagined and more. And when we finally got to india made the paperwork so easy. I would recommend court marriage.net to anyone, you made planning our perfect wedding so easy and stress free. Thank you again for everything, we had the time of our lives and I would do it again in a second.
Thank you


KhimaNand Barthwal (Uttarakhand) Marriage Date-05/12/08

I was in love with a girl for almost 2 years but knew that her parents will not allow us to get married, but then i find out about this site from a work friend of mine that had done court marriage. i was confused to call or not but then i did and arranged a meeting with them, my marriage process was complete the same days. My wifes parents were against out marriage but my lawyer was so efficient and professional that every thing was complete so easily. don’t wait for anything. just contact them as soon as you can and see how quickly they solve your problem and make your dream into reality. Thank you

Anant Asthana (Kerala) Marriage Date-18/03/07

i’m past customer and they will be happy to give you more references to contact directly if wish you. We have also included TESTIMONIAL we have received to prove the authenticity of the letters that our clients have written to us over the years about their gratification and satisfaction with the services we gave them.Contact our court wedding for information about love marriage’s,
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Tanuja Bhatt (Rajstan) Marriage Date-10/10/10

“As faithful citizens indian are called to bring our laws regarding marriage into conformity .what we know about the court marriage of Procedure.”Quick Court Marriage And arya samaj marriage with send any notice at home in Delhi,NCR,and india. Now you can get same day your Court Marriage And Marriage Registration Certificate Issued by court marriage.net,


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